About me

I have been associated with Japan for over 30 years; initially as an expat in Kansai and latterly as a regular visitor. I am a dedicated martial artist and a part-time headhunter and I write regularly about kendo in my blog www.kendoinfo.net

I am still captivated by Japan and the similarities between our two cultures and whilst I feel pretty much at home whenever I exit immigration at Narita or Kansai Airport, I am still amused by some of the unexpected difference betwen two “island countries”.

The aim of this blog is to take a lighthearted view of some of the customs that are uniquely Japanese and in some cases to compare them with the way we behave at home. My intention is to remain respectful to all concerned, and hopefully to bring the occasional smile to non-Japanese and Japanese readers.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for your blog. I’m Ramesh 63, a retired engineer from New Delhi. I lived in Tokyo 1976 – 77, a very exciting time to be there, in my opinion. I too got to like Enka, only half understanding the words then. Now, thanks to internet, I’ve been tracking down and enjoying once again, the remembered and half forgotten favourites ( and in many cases, the lyrics and their translation ).
    Glad to stumble onto this site, and hope to be able to share my experiences of Japan .. music , places, books, whatever.

    • Hi Ramesh

      Glad to hear from you. You and I are the same age and were in Japan at the same time. I started this blog a while back on the back of my blog on Kendo, a sport in which I am still very active. I am yet to retire, so time is limited and my kendo blog, http://www.kendoinfo.net gets most of my attention. Unfortunately my contributions to this blog are very limited but I also find memories of Japan in the 70s particularly stimulating. Hopefully we can talk again in the future.


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